Match 1 : Red Dragon FC VS Wonder Boys FC

Red Dragon sweep off the first match of the league by 5-0

The much awaited Stardust Premiere League started today with much grandeur and pomp. The first match was between Red Dragon FC and Wonder Boys FC. Both the teams started well however Red Dragon seem to be on top of their game and managed to score three goals in first half itself and continued to keep the pace in second by shooting two more goals.
Ayush was the star of the match with first hattrick of the game. He scored three goals giving the opponent very less scope to defend the ball. The other two goals were scored by twin brothers Satyam and Shivam.
Wander boys too played well but seems it wasn’t their day today.
Captain of Wonder Boys expressed his disappointment but he isn’t dishearten and has promised to come back with a bang in next match.

Match 2 : Cage United VS Elite FC

Cage United and Elite FC finishes in a draw in a nail biting face off

Cage United and Elite FC played their first match of the league and finished with equal points on the scoreboard. The game ended in a draw but it provided us with some of the best defends and shots of the evening. Both the team was at par none giving any chance of goal to the other. The excitement was high throughout the game.