Stardust FC vs Battalion FC


What happened yesterday was very unfortunate and in very bad taste for football fraternity all over. When you are in the ground, you are requested to show sportsmanship and accept your defeat sportingly. Jeering at players, calling them names, causing nuisance and violence is not acceptable. Few supporters of Battalion Football Club, Amleshwar came drunk during the match and started abusing players and committee members. Stardust as an organiser tried to settle the matter in a dignified way but the matter got out of hand when they abused women member of the committee. They did not stop at that and went on to hurl racial abuse at players attacking their tribe and cast. This behaviour would have been marked off as frustration of angry supporters but their coach and captain too seemed to be enjoying the drama created by their supporters.

We have audio and video footage to confirm our claims. They have threatened to stop the tournament and further matches. However, we are not afraid of such miscreants but this article is being published to aware people about them and what kind of sportsmanship they are showing on and off the field.

We are group of young people working hard to increase football culture in our state but this kind of incidents make us rethink about our endeavour. These people are the reason football or any other sports is not gaining popularity in our state.

Young boys as young as 14 were in the opposing team and yet they chose to show this kind of undignified behaviour. This kind of incidents is what make parents stop their kids from playing games. What image of football and other such sports are we showing to the future generations of players.

We as a football lovers won’t let them have last laugh on this matter and show them the strength of collected sportsmanship.
Stardust FC has conducted tournaments previously as well but this kind of behaviour hasn’t been witnessed by any team or their supporters.
Aditya Bhagat, the young congress leader is supporting us in our fight against these people. Amleshwar police station is also being helpful and confirmed security in further matches.