Hyatt Place, Rameswaram : A Yogi’s Delight

Rameswaram holds a very religious and spiritual value for us Indians. It’s the same place from where lord Rama went on his journey to rescue Sita from Lanka. The place is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in the far south. Surrounded by water from three side, it is a part of peninsular India. On my maiden trip to Rameswaram, I was in awe of this place. The serenity, the calmness, the cultural essence that this place resonated stayed with me long after I left.

Our stay was arranged at Hyatt place. The hotel stood mighty in the rusty background, it reflected the essence of the city in its architecture and overall hospitality. Our stay was made comfortable and stress free by the diligent staff who were always on their feet to provide the service.

The most amazing thing that I liked about this place was its food. Every product used in the kitchen was home-grown and organic. Being into yoga and fitness I avoid all kinds of junk, oily and fried food and I really get apprehensive about my food habit whenever I go out. But at this place I felt like home. They take extra care where cooking is concerned, everything is highly sanitized and hygienic.

The place was strictly no smoking and no alcohol zone. There was no non-vegetarian food available as well. Everything about the hotel spoke of purity and sanctity that Rameswaram is known for.

You cannot expect anything less than grand from Hyatt, and it really was. Starting from the entrance to the pool side, it was vast and luxurious. The gaming room, the gym area, lobby and even the rooms, it provided me ample space to do yoga wherever I wanted.


I would wake up at five for my practice by the pool side and then go for half an hour swimming session with my team mates. The early morning weather was very soothing and calm and best for the practice.

I went around for sightseeing as well and visited the famous Rameswaram temple and Dhanush kuti. There wasn’t much crowd in the city and people too were very warm and friendly.

It was my maiden trip, and I fell in love with the place.