A Fun-filled Summer Camp At Chhatagarh

It’s summer again summer and so is the time for summer camps and all sorts of fun filled activities. Like every year, Hare Krishna Movement Raipur organised a day long summer camp at a small beautiful village called Chhatagarh. The kids associated with Hare Krishna movement were part of this camp.

The event was organised on 5th of May, Sunday. Since it’s vacation time, kids were really looking forward to spend their time doing some fun filled activities. The village chhatagarh is approximately 50 km from Raipur. Kids along with their parents set for the journey at 7 in the morning. During the whole one-and-a-half-hour journey, kids chanted mantra and sang Kirtan under the guidance of Sumadhura Prabhu. It was so overwhelming to see kids as young as four years old being so invested in God and religion.

The place chosen for camp had a big temple beside it and there was a river flowing just by the temple. The place just seemed perfect for the occasion. After reaching the site kids were taken to visit the temple and bow down to god.

After the temple visit, breakfast was served. The breakfast didn’t include any junk or outside food, rather it was a healthy porridge. After the breakfast some games were organised for the kids. The games included tug of war and dumb charade. In dumb charade the kids weren’t asked to guess any movie names, rather they were given scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Krishna leela and were asked to enact the scene. This was a way to inform kids about their culture and religion but in an entertaining way.

Though it was a hot summer day, kids weren’t uncomfortable being outside and playing under the sun. Rather they wanted to jump and bathe in the river. Well, anybody would want to looking at the glistening water flowing by. Kids were taken to the river for bathing and they were under constant supervision of an elder while inside the water. It was an enjoyable site to watch kids bathing and playing in the river.

It’s common for the village kids to bathe in the river, but for city kids it’s a rare occasion and they seemed to enjoy every bit of the moment.

Thereafter there was a kirtan session organised inside the temple premise. Sumadhura Prbhu along with the kids sang a really amazing kirtan, even the parents couldn’t stop themselves from joining. Atmosphere of serenity was created and everybody seemed to be lost in the divine feeling.

After the kirtan session, kids were taken to a nearby cow shed for ‘gauseva’. Cow holds an important place in Hindu culture and is worshipped as a god. To inculcate these values and love for cows and to teach them about animal care, animal love they were taken to the cow shed. Kids seemed elated to see so many cows around them. They fed them fodder, caresses their body and even clicked pictures with them.

After having visited cow shed we headed to Iskcon temple, Bhilai. Lunch was organised in Akshay Patra kitchen. After the lunch everybody was taken for tour around Akshay Patra akitchen. Akshay Patra is an organisation that cooks and provides free meals to thousands of underprivileged kids every day. The food is cooked in very hygienic and clean way.

At the end the day came to an end with the promise of yet another fun filled summer camp next year.