Prodigy Vision Communicating is a Social Platform which facilitates human interaction via information sharing.




Prodigy Vision Communicating is a platform that allows interaction between users and audience via contribution of information. We promote real communication by filtering out the non-useful and irrelevant content.

This portal is a totally admin based basic CSS website with limited use of the AI. It is an admin operated platform where the focus is to make a community of socially responsible and active people who want to be the change everybody is seeking.

Socially impactful people wanting to make productive use of the internet can be part of it. Here they can interact with quality people with real talent, surf through premium filtered and relevant content. We do not accept cookies, and don’t hog datas, everything is transparent.

Key feature of this platform is that it acts as a medium of information between society and socially active individuals. What makes it different from other such platforms is that it is restricted to limited users.There are many interesting features for users. Users can contribute content in the form of podcasts, articles, video, music, art, sharing useful information and news. 

To register with us, fill in the registration form and answer the necessary questions. If your answers fit our criteria your profile will be accepted and you can be a part of it.

Who can work with us?

Any interested individual can work with us. Digital marketer, digital imager, media houses, students, government officials, influencer, anyone needing social help, donators, investors.


Anyone can make a contribution in audio, video, images and other forms.