1. Prodigy Vision

Prodigy Vision is a digital marketing company which has been powering several business, organisations, and individuals digitally since its inception. It was founded by Abhimanyu Jha in 2015 after completing Google, Facebook, and Hubspot certification.

As a Powering company, we developed websites, created digital content, optimized media, and generated leads through digital marketing under non-profit intentions for practical knowledge purposes.

Later with the team of 10 experts, Prodigy Vision was registered under MSME proprietorship in 2018 as a digital marketing company.



Mrityunjay Yoga
Force Gym
YFE (Yoga For Everyone) - Free Yoga Workshop Campaign Run By Mrityunjay Yoga


Maayi - Yoga Clothing & Accessories Brand


Stardust FC (Organise Football Screening & League Matches)
Aryavarta Gaming (Esports Company)




Municipal Corporation (App Regulation, Swachhata Abhiyan Campaign) - Raipur Ranked 4th in the Campaign
Sehatmandi (Health Campaign)


2019 State Election (Digital Marketing) Ran Campaign For Shri Amarjeet Bhagat (He won by 3000 votes. Now he is Food and Art & Culture Minister Of Chhattisgarh)


Rooftop Jamming
Karvaan in Universities like HNLU, NIT, IIIT, etc.


Gondwana Swadesh


Abhimanyu Jha– CEO and Founder of Prodigy Vision.
Preeti Jha– Content Writer and Creator
Mrityunjay Jha– Marketer, HR
Tejas Yadav– IT guy, Finance Regulation
Rahul Singh Yadav– Research and Onfield Work.
Investment: We are a self-investing company, earning by providing services.

2. SMM Platform [Product]

SMM platform provides the features of Social Media, Marketing(Digital) and
Management tools.

2.1 Social Media [S]

Fest | Carnival | Event
(free event)

Business – B2B | B2C (every sectors)
Schedule of Main Events
Economy & Finance

HOST: Facebook


STALLS: Feature of FB [ Messenger, Blogs, Media Sharing, E-commerce, Business Page, Ads Manager, etc].

BUSINESS: Businesses who choose different stalls to showcase, promote & try to sell their product & services.

ARTISTS: Some artists will use the opportunity as free gigs, some paid by businesses as an influencers, some paid by host.

SCHEDULE OF MAIN EVENT: The topmost feature which is been liked by major crowd say story feature, live streaming, etc.

ECONOMY & FINANCE: FB does not charge the attendee for being in the event but charge businesses for stalls, later businesses look out for ROI. The whole processes count as the economy of the event.

2.2 Marketing [M]

  • Pre Marketing [hoarding/boarding/newspaper/electronic media, etc]
  • On Spot Marketing [carnival]
  • Post Marketing [newspaper]
  • Content To Market [marketing context]
  • Marketers & Promoters


FB Pre Marketing: Feed Sponsor Ads/Messenger Ads/FB partner Ads/Insta Ads, etc.
FB On-Spot Marketing: Live video Ads/Blogs Ads/FB partner Ads
Post Marketing: Feed Ads/Messenger Ads — similar to pre-marketing types
Content: Most common content options are Graphics|Blogs|Video
Marketers & Promoters: Digital marketers, Influencers & Affiliates

2.3 Management [M]

  • Research & Analysis of marketing content & Ads placement [right context, right location, current need, etc]
  • Database & Lookalike audience to market within the database & increase the database by marketing to lookalike audience [example of database software: Excel]
  • Record-Keeping [examples: record-keeping software]
  • Security & Permissions
  • Special Invitations

Research & Analysis: FB Ad manager used by Data Analyst Data Scientist [similar ex: google analysis/hubspot/brand24]
Database & LAA: FB Ads Database & Retarget option used by Digital marketer [similar ex: google adwords/twitter ads/linkedin ads, etc]
Record Keeping: CSV format file which can be downloaded from FB Ad manager
Security & Permission: API keys/3rd party permission/facebook own server [similar ex: youtube fetch, AWS server, etc]
Special Invitation: FB cellular message service/FB email service, etc

3. Bridge

3.1 Website

FB —-> Godaddy  Ads —-> Conclusion —-> One has to make a website to

  1. Showcase product & services
  2. Go visible in search engine
  3. Decrease bounce rate [good interface & design & rich context]
  4. Database collection
  5. Link building & use social media to market the link
  6. Hope for user to cross the funnel for conversion
  7. ROI

– We are opening on 21st. Be a part of the event | special guest Salman Khan  [Announcement]
– Host own event with less stalls
– Find more event

  1. FB: user put as Ad through Ad manager about their website
  2. Hosting an event: make their own website related users visit the website
  3. Find more event: try youtube ads/google ads, etc