‘Rameswaram’, the word itself exudes spirituality and positivity. I love travelling specially to seaside and beaches. I have been travelling alone or friends but this time I wanted to take my grandmother with me and hence wanted to come up with a place that both of us like and hence idea of Rameswaram came in my mind.

It was a four-day long trip with my grandmother and two of my friends. Since there was no direct transport from our place to Rameswaram we left for Chennai via flight and from Chennai took an overnight bus to Rameswaram.

The journey till Rameswaram was quite peaceful and pleasant. We had pre-booked our stay at Hyatt Place-Rameswaram, which is just two minutes’ walk away from the bus stop.


Just reaching the place made me feel exhilarated from inside. One could hear light ever-pervailing sound of sea. Wherever you go the sound follows. The city was so calm yet so cheerful. One could feel the spiritual vibe in its air.

In the four-day long trip, we visited many places including the famous Ramanathaswamy temple, agni teertham, panchmukhi hanuman mandir, the floating stone, Pamban bridge, APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial, Lakshman Jhula and Dhanushkodi.

Ramanathaswamy temple, is a temple dedicated to lord shiva and is one of the twelve jyotirlinga. The temple is the perfect example architectural marvel and grandeur. The peace I felt there couldn’t be expressed in words.

Rameswaram is a holy place for us Indians, it has temples and famous places of sightseeing from the era of lord Ram and hence this place is dearly loved by us.

One of the place I simple loved there was Dhanushkodi. This is the place from where lord Ram went on his journey to Lanka. Ramsetu bridge was built from there. It has Arabian sea in the right and Bay of Bengal in the left. They meet together in the center. This place is abode for the sea lovers.

Even after staying there for four days there were many places of interest that we cannot visit and I’m surely going to return here again and stay long because that place now has got my heart.